11 November 2015



The area that surrounds the Castle is very interesting for historic, naturalistic and gastronomic tourism.

The landscape in Canavese is characterized by green hills and lakes of the glacial period and is enclosed by the first mounts of the Alps crossed by various panoramic paths.

A perfect fusion between nature and arts, where you can find the testimony of an ancient age old history: old villages, castles, churches and abbeys in a green landscape rich of rivers.


Many popular tradition are represented periodically with  feasts and festivals, like the historic Carneval of Ivrea with the famous battle with the oranges that commemorate the medieval popular rising against a despotic king.

The tourist may venture discovering traditional restaurants, delicious wines, village feasts, little museum and open antique dealer markets. The Canavese region invite the traveller to know its richness through original itineraries, to discover little and big lakes, valleys, natural reserves and parks in a quiet atmosphere, silent and coloured.